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Cover creation from Peter Belanger on Vimeo.

After working on the latest cover for Macworld Magazine I wanted to show what is involved in making a cover. I focused on the three main areas: the photography, photoshop and design. I chose a time lapse format to convey lots of information in a small amount of time. The only drawback of time lapse is that since half a day goes by in 30 seconds, the whole process seam so easy! Lots of details were left out of the design process (like the cover meetings and rounds of layout options). I began to photograph the design process after the layouts had already been narrowed down to just three cover designs.

On the technical side, for the time lapse video, I used the Canon 5D Mark II with a 24mm-70mm zoom. I chose the 5D because of its great image quality with high ISO's. Canon's sRAW1 gave me the flexibility of a RAW file with the file size of a jpeg. The actual Macworld cover was taken with a Phase One P65+ digital back attached to a 4x5 Sinar X camera with a 65mm
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Cycle Spun (2007) comprises three discrete video loops by Sigalit Landau (b. 1969). Functioning together as a trilogy and a triptych of moving images, the videos each depict a performative act of spinning, or circular motion, against a landscape backdrop in Landau’s native Israel.

In the wall-sized projection DeadSee (2005), a cord connects five hundred watermelons, creating a six-meter, spiral-shaped raft on the salt-saturated waters of the Dead Sea. Secured within this sculptural configuration, the artist floats with an arm outstretched toward a collection of “wounded” fruits, their intensely red flesh revealed. The nautilus form gradually unfurls, leaving the surface of the water a nearly monochromatic azure and the artist’s body exposed.

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© Richard Mosse

Dust, 3/6, International Artist Workshop, Ramallah 2005. Artists, powdered stone produced by sculptors’ tools, weeds, Palestinian headscarf.

© Richard Mosse, Jew On A Ball

Made during the Israeli-Lebanon war in 2006, Jew On A Ball is a piece in which the Arab/Israeli situation is reduced to the point of sexuality where love becomes cruel and painful. The boy desperately tries to stay on top of the ball, continually fails, keeps trying, but hurts himself over and over again. The girl speaks of love as a dagger or burial.

© Richard Mosse, Ya’ni Intifada

Ya’ni is a very common word in Arabic with a host of meanings. Most often, it means meaning, or it means, or like, and is used to string the sentence out when the speaker is searching for words for what he means. Like the word ya’ni, intifada is another word with a host of meanings in Arabic, and has only recently come to be associated with the Palestinian struggle. The interviews were made with students at Bir Zeit University. The footage shot whilst driving was made on the road between Gaza and Jerusalem, in the West Bank. Made during the International Artists Workshop, Ramallah, 2005.


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