Feb. 26th, 2009

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Thank you for entering into The Sony World Photography Awards. The Honorary Judging Committee for this year’s Awards have been exceptionally impressed with the vast amount of high quality images entered as well as the outstanding amount of entries from photographers around the world.

Unfortunately your submitted works have not been short-listed this year.

From a total of 25,370 photographs entered into the amateur competition and 36,546 into the professional categories, it was certainly a difficult decision for all our esteemed judges to narrow the many excellent entries down to this shortlist and we thank you for your hard work and commitment to capturing and submitting some amazing images.

For your reference, the entries that have been short-listed will be announced today and the finalists will be announced on the 17th of March.
Once again thank you for entering into the competition. Good luck in your photography this year and we look forward to reviewing your best image of 2009 in next year’s competition.

With kind regards,

Scott Gray
Managing Director

World Photography Awards

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Вот, кстати, кому интересно - 3 марта в школе “Мусрара”, где я учусь фотографии, будет день открытых дверей.

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Маша для школьного проекта ищет какие-нибудь вот такие трусы и прочее нижнее белье:

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На арабском рынке в старом городе электрическая мелочевка, соки в упаковке и тому подобное стоит дешевле, зато халва и булочки - дороже (чем на Махане Иегуда) и невкусные.
В русском магазине Mania кассирша смеялась над моим холостяцким наборотм - хинкали в упаковке, язык заливной "и сверху все это полить маслицем".


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